Birthday Dram


A celebratory toast that was so delicious, we bottled it.


It feels good to be 10. 

Double figures in this game is a milestone we are proud of. It feels like an eternity ago that we opened Cutler & Co. and yet the years seem to have gone by in fast-forward. So, while celebrations are great fun and boy did we have a good time at our 10th birthday party, we wanted to pause, reflect and bottle these memories. 

Introducing our Starward ‘Cutler & Co. Project’ whisky 


Starward represent so much of what we love about Australian whisky.

On the 8th of May 2019, a few of us visited Starward’s incredible Port Melbourne distillery where Jarrad ‘keeper of the barrels’ Huckshold had personally plucked four unique casks from the archives. Unicorn barrels we’ll call them. We couldn’t have been more impressed with his line-up. 

Do trust that we were thorough with the tasting process. Scrutinisingly analytical, intensively fastidious and, quite warm and fuzzy by the end. When you have the palates of Beverage Director Leanne Altmann, Head Chef Colin Mainds, and Venue Manager Shane Lazzo aligning on their favourite cask, you know you could be onto something special.


In the end, the choice was unanimous. Cask #1839 is a whisky aged solely in a barrel that for 40 years held venerable McWilliams Apera. From first sniff it captured our attention. This cask is from the last shipment Starward received of these old Apera barrels, a piece of Australian wine history finding a new foothold in the whisky world.  

 This is a serious whisky, and one that can’t be replicated. We couldn’t wait to get it in the bottle and behind the Cutler & Co. Bar.  

So, it’s here.
Our Starward ‘Cutler & Co. Project’ whisky. 
We hope to pour you a dram soon. 

‘Bread & Butter’ Manhattan

‘Bread & Butter’ Manhattan

Le Tonneau, candied cumquat & crackers

Le Tonneau, candied cumquat & crackers

Starward ‘Cutler & Co. Project’ whisky

Starward ‘Cutler & Co. Project’ whisky